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The project dahiama was created by Roman Fischbach 24 years old from Belgium having lived in France and Australia also and now living in Morocco.
Roman begin with a project acid techno with his best friend ben in France in the name of « La Baraque A Trip » he discovered psytrance in 2011 at a party with friends.
From there he continues the dark psytrance evening and the festivals it’s in 2012 that he starts to create his dahiama project where he begins to make his evolution in the world of psychedelism when he arrives in Morocco returning from australia in 2014.
He met legolize and they started making music together and they did the astral project shampoo also. after studying sound engineer in the cinema he leaned more to make sound design fx in the cinema. rocking with electronic music from his childhood novel will make you travel through his sounds load of acid and good mood.

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Poney World Out On VA-Primitif Festival Vol.2
CLICK HERE —>https://dreamcrewrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-primitif-festival-vol-2-24bits

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